True A6.0 SBP Stick Intermediate 2018

True A6.0 SBP Stick Intermediate 2018

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Made TRUE for budget conscious players seeking the performance benefits of a one-piece stick.

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True Hockey

Level of Play



BRT+ blade technology produces a lighter, more durable blade allowing us to redistribute weight into the shaft for extreme impact strength and overall durability of the stick.


Industry-leading one-piece Axenic construction allows for optimized distribution of weight throughout the stick for unmatched balance.


Optimized for ease in energy loading, the new ASERIES ‘18 produces explosive power from any shooting position


Strongest, most consistent blade we’ve ever created produces consistency in power output and feel over the life of the blade.

Swing Weight

614: Low Swing Weight for enhanced mobility and harder, faster shots.

Low Kick-Point

Flex point in the bottom third of the shaft near the hosel for quick loading and release on wrist and snapshots.

Shaft Shape

Square corner double concave