CCM Premier Pro Senior SMALL Chest Protector

CCM Premier Pro Senior SMALL Chest Protector

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Beginning in the body, the CCM Premier Pro utilizes high performance D30 foam technology are reinforcements visually shown in the sternum. This allows the goalie to have the confidence in net while standing up to even the hardest shots. The lower body section of the unit has been revamped with ergonomically segmented chest blocks to increase mobility and reduce break-in time. The 2017 CCM Premier Pro utilizes a full body wrap style offering exceptional protection around the ribs and allowing for a tight seal to the body with the arms.

The arms have been redesigned with a full wrap around molded bicep and forearm protection to stay square to the shooter. The new 2017 design includes D3O material through the elbow floaters to increase protection. Dating back to the original Premier, the elbows are constructed around the JDP (Joint Discharge Principle) design, an injection molded PE elbow cap that stays tight to the arm and snug during play.

Lastly, the body of the unit is complimented by a brand new Adjustable Fit System within the shoulder floaters. This Velcro-elastic system allows for precise customization of shoulder floater tension and fit to accommodate every goalie's preference.

Compared to the CCM Premier R1.9 Chest &; Arm Protector, the Premier Pro will offer top quality protection and materials, designed to face advanced level shots in a package that is meant to last.

If you are an elite-level goalie looking for the most advanced protection available on the market in a redefined classic design, the all-new 2017 CCM Premier Pro Chest &; Arm Protector is the way to go.