CCM Extreme Flex Shield Pro Senior Goalie Chest Protector

CCM Extreme Flex Shield Pro Senior Goalie Chest Protector

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The Extreme Flex Shield Chest Protector features a brand new style and visual look to their already popular chest protectors. The base of the Extreme Flex Chest is built around bringing the goaltender unrestricted movement while still providing the largest blocking surface allowed.

This unit now features two proprietary materials designed to serve certain purposes to help goaltenders in their game. The chest and shoulder floaters are filled with HD Foams and ADIPRENE material which helps absorb impact and keep the puck in tight to the body. On the top of the shoulder wing, in the red segments, CCM has used ADIPRENE+ which is a second material which acts to shoot pucks and rebounds hard and away to the corners.

Accompanied with the materials in the shoulder and chest, the entire body was reworked in segments to allow the goaltender to move with fluidity and ease. The arms are made of compression molded HD/EPP foam which is lightweight but tough against hard shots. Inside of the arm is a new elbow pad style protection which dramatically resembles a player's elbow pad. This fit allows the goalie to feel connected to the arms and increase mobility. Also, the elbow pad is slimmer on the back of the goalies arm giving a better fit under jerseys while still giving maximum protection.

The adjustments on the Extreme Flex Shield are double Velcro anchor points on the shoulder blades. These adjustments allow the goalie to adjust the unit forward or backwards on their body to give their dialed in fit, along with the adjustable shoulder floaters to give maximum coverage. The entire unit features a full weight reduction while increasing stiffness for longevity and durability.

Utilizing maximum mobility and protection, the Leferve design team has created the Extreme Flex Shield Sr. Pro Chest Protector for the elite level goalie wanting the best CCM has to offer.