CCM EFlex E4.9 Full Right Senior Goalie Stick

CCM EFlex E4.9 Full Right Senior Goalie Stick

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The all new CCM Extreme Flex 4.9 Senior Goalie Stick is the result of a close and long-standing collaboration with professional goalies.

Looking over the construction of the CCM Extreme Flex 4.9 Senior goalie stick, CCM has gone with a foam core with fiberglass build. The CCM E4.9 utilizes key features through out the build of the stick to provide the best feel and control for a second-tier stick.

Starting down at the blade of the stick, the CCM E4.9 Senior goalie stick uses a full graphite blade to provide the goaltender with a better, more controlled feeling over the paddle when redirecting pucks and passing the puck. CCM has used this design to help goaltenders feel more comfortable with the feel they have over their stick during games and practice.

Moving up to the paddle of the CCM E4.9, CCM has gone with the foam core design previously mentioned for the construction of the E4.9 stick. The foam core construction offers reduced vibrations from shots hitting the paddle of the stick while also letting the goaltender get a confident feel for where the puck hit to give them an advantage for a possible rebound chance.

Finally, the handle and shaft of the CCM E4.9 Senior goalie stick is built constructed as an Aspen Core with fiberglass and graphite laminates. This construction provides the goalie with a confident, lightweight, and durable feel to the CCM E4.9 stick. The graphite laminate gives the goalie a secure grip on the stick for a complete and controlled feeling. The shaft of the stick continues up as a fiberglass build to protect against pucks hitting the shaft of the E4.9 stick.

If you are an elite-level goalie who wants a lightweight durable stick with reduced vibrations, the CCM Extreme Flex E4.9 Senior Goalie Stick is the stick for you.