Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Goalie Glove

Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Goalie Glove

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Starting off with the face of the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior, the graphic is made up of three main zones with one that covers the cuff area, the next travels diagonally across the palm, and finally one at the fingers portion. Two sets of “spears” streak across the thumb and fingers areas for added design along with a digitally printed design on the top and bottom zones that provides visual design. Finally, the face of the glove is composed of Bauer’s new CATCHLITE material that is designed for high durability.

Moving on to the build of the 2X Senior, a one piece cuff design gives a naturally large appearance for better visual presentation the shooter. On the pocket and closure, a 60 degree closure angle allows the goaltender’s hand to sit higher in the glove and give a full hand closure that feels better than ever right out of the box. An all new max depth pocket with an offset single T has been added to provide the goaltender with a larger catching surface that will swallow shots in to the pocket. Inside of the palm, Curv Composite has been implemented for superior protection along with a thermo max liner to keep the goaltender’s hands cool during use.

On the backhand of the Vapor 2X, a Free-Flex cuff with Curv Composite technology is implemented to give the goalie a wide range of motion to help project their glove towards the shooter. A new fast strap has been added for quick wrist adjustments to give the goalie the secure feel they need. Inside the fingers area, a three point comfort edge adjustment system lined with thermo max that is placed to help create the perfect fit and feel for each goaltender.

In comparison to the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior, the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro features higher grade construction and materials along with a lower weight construction.

If you are an Intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for the top engineering in a goalie glove that is made to be lightweight with a natural closure and unmatched comfortability, the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Goalie Glove is the glove you are looking for.