Bauer Supreme One.9 Senior 10.5D Ice Hockey Goal Skates

Bauer Supreme One.9 Senior 10.5D Ice Hockey Goal Skates

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The Supreme ONE.9 goalie skate is constructed using materials that were previously only available in Bauer's top end goalie skates. At the current mid-level price point, you simply won't find a better skate for the money.

The boot has a shorter cut on the lateral side that relieves pressure on the outside edge and allows for a deeper stance, and this side also features a soft foam comfort edge to alleviate abrasion on the goalie's ankle. The inside edge is cut approximately 1/2" taller to maintain protection and support. This asymmetric design specifically enhances the goalies ability to move around the crease. Additionally, the skate tongue is actually taller on the inside edge to keep it from twisting, and it is made using pro felt to help prevent lace bite.

The ankle area of the boot interior is made with softer foams to provide extreme comfort the sole of the boot is lined with a comfort foam to keep the feet comfortable no matter how long the game or practice goes.

The new VERTEXX 2.0 cowling uses a LS2 stainless steel runner which is removable and replaceable. The LS2 is a higher quality steel than in past skate models, and it holds an edge for a longer period of time.

3D anaformable ultra light weight tech mesh boot
Asymmetric goalie specific boot design
Reinforced VERTEXX 2.0 cowling
Goalie comfort edge lateral ankle padding
Pro felt tongue
Comfort foam under footbed
3mm LS2 stainless steel removable runner