Bauer Nexus 8000 Junior Small Shoulder Pad

Bauer Nexus 8000 Junior Small Shoulder Pad

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A quick, effortless release and natural power are the key points that Bauer used when creating the Nexus 8000 Composite Stick. Those key cogs were not lost on the Nexus 8000 Shoulder Pads.

Accompanying the 8000 stick with the shoulder pads could make you an unstoppable force. Using EPP Foam throughout each pad, the 8000s allow you to move naturally and allow you to make your body movements effortlessly. One of the key features is the removable belly pad, made with mid-density foam. You have a choice on how much padding you want to use in gameplay.

The shoulder caps are injected with PU foam which move separately from the rest of your equipment. Your biceps are free to move from the rest of your equipment as well and are manufactured with molded thermoformed components to keep you protected, yet available to rip shots any time you receive the opportunity.

The inside liner uses 37.5 technology, which is a fast-drying moisture management system that will make you wonder how you ever played without it.

Just because you pay for shoulder pads doesn't mean you have to notice they are there. That's the idea behind the Nexus line; restriction elimination throughout your body.